It is compulsory to attend the classes and weekly tests regularly. Irregular students will not be allowed to continue the classes.
Students should not come in any other batch other than the one allotted to them without obtaining prior permission from the concerned faculty.
Those coming by cycle or by walk should ensure that they reach the institute only five minutes in advance and not earlier than that.
Bicycles/Motorbikes should be left properly locked and in an orderly way at the designated place.
Use of foul language should be avoided and strict discipline should be maintained inside the institute.
Do not write/scribble anything on the bench/desk.
It is necessary to be attentive in the class to understand the concepts clearly. Taking regular notes would help during further revision.
It should be made a routine to study for 3 to 4 hours everyday and atleast one hour per day should be spent to study the relevant portion covered in each class.
Disperse immediately after the class and avoid standing unnecessarily at roadsides.
Weekly tests should be written very sincerely and avoid indulging in any malpractice.
Go through the corrected test papers & analyze the mistakes made to ensure that they are not repeated again. Any correction mistake in the test paper may be brought to the notice of the concerned teacher.
Usage of mobile phone inside the institute premises is strictly prohibited.